Constructing customer-centric airport terminals with cost-effective technologies to improve operational efficiency

Airport Terminal Design and Experience Conference | August 2020

Attracting hundreds of attendees from across industry and government over the last two years, the 4th Annual Airport Terminal Design and Experience Conference returns to Sydney in August 2020. 
With the sharp rise in global tourism over the last decade, airports all around the world are reinventing the airport experience to meet the ever-changing passenger expectations. In an increasingly competitive operating environment, improving passenger experience is now a key business imperative for both airport and airline operators.
The Airport Terminal Design and Experience Summit will bring together airport and aviation leaders to enhance operational efficiencies and deliver a smarter and more integrated CX journey.
The 2020 Programme will have a strong focus on:

  • How to select and implement the right cost-effective technologies to construct customer-centric airport terminals and improve operational efficiency?
  • How to ensure a seamless door-to-door passenger experience through an integrated transport network?
  • How to retrofit existing airport terminals and transport hubs to create a 21st century airport?
  • What are the contracting, construction and design opportunities for the upcoming
  • Western Sydney Airport and existing airport terminals?
  • How to effectively embed digital transformation?
  • How to deliver innovative customer-centric solutions while achieving financial efficiency?
Co-located with:

Past Speakers

Simon Wilcox

Head of Automation and Innovation

Heathrow Airport

Peter Harbison

Executive Chairman


Kym Meys

Executive General Manager Planning & Infrastructure

Adelaide Airport

Tony Eid

Executive Director, Future Network Delivery

Sydney Trains

John Pearce

Head of Retail and Commercial, Terminal

Adelaide Airport

Katie Cooper

Head of Aviation Operations

Melbourne Airport

Elissa Keenan

Customer Engagement Manager

Airservices Australia

Janet Molloy

Head of Airport Commercial and Planning

Virgin Australia

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Past Partners

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WHY ATTEND          

  • Get the latest update on the construction of Australia’s first digital airport from Graham Millett, the Chief Executive of Western Sydney Airport
  • Hear from Adelaide Airport’s Head of Retail how they are maximising commercial revenue through strategic terminal retail design and effective planning. 
  • Hear from Head of Automation and Innovation of  Heathrow Airport how they clinched the top spot for best terminal in the world by implementing transformational technologies. 
  • Gain firsthand insights on how Adelaide Airport plan to successfully deliver a $165 million-dollar infrastructure project on time and within budget from the Executive General Manager Planning and Infrastructure
  • Assess the technology and infrastructure needed to deliver excellent passenger experience and airport operational efficiency with CAPA, Virgin Australia, Airservices Australia and Melbourne Airport. 


    Delegates from private industries, government, and associations involved in or have an interest in aviation, airport, infrastructure, transport, construction, property and investment:

  • Federal, State and Local Government Leaders
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Aviation Officer
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Head of Digital/Digital Transformation
  • Head of Strategy, Planning and Design
  • Head of Retail
  • Head of Corporate Affairs 
  • Head of Innovation/Technology/IT
  • Head of Service Strategy/Service Delivery/Service Design
  • Head of Customer Experience
  • Head of Stakeholder Management/Community Engagement/Community Relations
  • Architect/Consultant
  • Engineer
  • Property Developer
  • Construction/Contractor/Building and Technology Supplier

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